Welcome to the FEFNet FAQ (Frequently asked Questions). This document is designed to answer questions most often asked of our operators.

What is FEFNet?

FEFNet is an IRC Network; a group of servers running special software, linked together via the internet. There are many IRC networks out there, and FEFNet is only one of them. Although we are one of the smaller networks out there, emphasis is on the user. Our operators do everything they can to make your IRC experience as enjoyable as possible.

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What does the "FEF" in FEFNet stand for?

Contrary to what many people believe, FEF is an ancronym for First Excalibur Fleet. This was a compromise between the two groups that played a major part in forming FEFNet: KOE (Knights Of Excalibur), and FDF (First Defence Fleet).

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What servers can I use?

There is a complete list of FEFnet servers at our servers page. To connect to a random FEFnet server please use irc.fef.net.

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What Services does FEFNet have?

FEFnet offers ChanServ for channel registration, NickServ for nickname registration, and MemoServ for leaving messages for other users.

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What are clones?

Clones are multiple connections to IRC by the same person. Because each connection takes up bandwidth, FEFnet allows users to have ONE clone. This means users may have no more than two connections to our IRC network. This policy helps reserve bandwidth in order to make legitimate connections as fast as possible.

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What are bots?

Bots are automated processes, designed to do automated tasks, such as look after channels. FEFnet has no problem with users running bots provided they are not used for mischievous purposes. Also, if you think you need a bot to keep your channel, keep in mind that ChanServ can do this for you. Also, remember the policy on clones.

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What should I do if someone is flooding/harrasing me?

First off, remember that trying to do the same thing back to the person is not the answer. Doing so will only cause trouble for yourself as well. The best thing you can do is ignore the person. Just about every IRC client out there has a command to do this, it's called /ignore. For example, if someone called Lamah is harrasing you and you don't feel like putting up with any longer, just type /ignore Lamah and *poof* anything he says, you won't be able to see. Of course, /ignore can do more than just ignore a nick: it can ignore a hostmask as well as ignore only certain things sent from someone. For more information on how to use /ignore to it's fullest, consult the help file that came with your client.

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What should I do if /ignore doesn't solve the problem?

If you've tried to to ignore the person but the person managed to get to you anyway (there are some persistent ones out there) your next step should be to start logging (if you aren't already logging). In mIRC type /log on. ircII users can start logging by typing /set log on. After you've logged the person harrasing/flooding you, join #Continuum and talk to an IRC Operator or Administrator. Please note that without a log there is not much IRC Operators/Admins can do to help you. In short, we need proof. If the IRC-Op deems your situation valid, (s)he will do what (s)he can to assist you. Also note that most likely the IRC-Op will not /kill the user, a warning will be given. If the situation continues, more severe action will be taken.

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I have been banned from a channel. Can an IRCop unban me?

No. IRCops cannot unban you from a channel nor can they find out who banned you. FEFnet, as well as many other IRC networks, does not get involved in channel affairs. Channel operators have absolute power in their channel and may ban you for no reason at all. You can try to talk to the person who banned you and try to persuade him or her to remove the ban, but again, s/he does not have to. Just move on to another channel or better yet, start your own channel.

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What Can I do if someone registers my nick/channel?

I've been using a nick for a long time, but someone's gone and registered it before me. Can you delete him and add me as the owner? Unfortunately we cannot do this. Nicks are on a first come, first served basis. Even if you've used a nick on FEFnet for as long as FEFnet has been around, if you never register it, it's up for grabs. Anyone can come in and register the nick and keep you from using it. We cannot stress the importance of registering your nick enough! Your best bet is to try to talk to the person who registered your nick and try to get him to give it to you. The same goes with channels. If someone registers your channel before you, there is nothing we can do. Again: Make sure you register your nickname and channel!

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What is a MOTD, and why should I read it?

MOTD stands for "Message Of The Day". Every FEFnet server has a unique motd that gives users of that server some rules, guidelines, and information about the server. It is strongly recommended that you read the MOTD each time you logon to the server because each server may have slightly different rules and regulations which users should be aware of. The server MOTD is sent to you automatically when you logon. If it zips by too fast or you aren't sure if it got to you, just type /motd and it will be displayed.

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What is an IRC-Op (IRC Operator), and how do I become one?

An IRC Operator, often refered to as IRC-Op or Oper is someone who knows enough about IRC and is responsible enough to handle the task of maintaining an IRC network. Some of the responsibilities of an IRCop are to reconnect netsplits, deal with abusive users, and deal with any other problems which arise. To be perfectly honest, you must know a server administrator and that admin must like you and trust you enough to allow you to be an operator.

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What is a netsplit?

A netsplit is when the network splits into two peices. Suppose IRC servers A, B, C, and D are connect like this:

         /        \  
        A          D

Now what happens if server B loses its connection (splits) from server C? What does the network look like now?

          B                    C
         /                      \ 
        A                        D

Servers A and B are complete isolated from servers C and D. Users on servers A and B will not be able to communicate with users on servers C and D. This situation does not occur often on FEFnet, but it does happen from time to time. When it does our operators work to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

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What's a WinNuke and how can I protect myself from it?

A WinNuke is whats called a denial of service (DoS, for short) attack that exploits a bug in Windows 95 in order to crash your computer. Nuking has nothing to do with IRC. The attacks go directly from the attacker's computer to the victim's computer, therefore there is no way that IRC operators can tell who is nuking you. The best thing thing to do is make your system invulnerable to these attacks. Puppet's Place is an excellent site where you will find all the programs and instructions that you need to protect yourself as well as to keep yourself up to date on the latest DoS attacks. WinNuking users on FEFnet will result in a ban from the entire network, however, we must have proof in the form of a log. You'll need a program that can log connections to your computer. One such program is NukeNabber. Consult the help that comes with NukeNabber for specific instructions on how to use it. Once you've logged the attack, show it to an operator in #continuum and we will take care of the problem.

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I registered the nick XYZ but now Nickserv doesn't recognize me. Why?

The most common reason that NickServ does not recognize you is that your user@host is different from the one that Nickserv recognizes you by. If you have no clue what this means please read this explanation, otherwise, keep reading. To add your current user@host to NickServ's database, type "/msg nickserv addhost <password>". If that didn't solve the problem then join #continuum and the opers there will try to help you.

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I am an op on the channel #XYZ but now ChanServ won't op me. Why?

First, make sure that you weren't removed from the channel list. If you weren't then, again, the most common reason that ChanServ does not recognize you is that your current user@host is different from the one that ChanServ recognizes you by. If you have no clue as to what this means please read this explanation, otherwise read on. To have your current user@host added to the channels database you must ask the channel owner or someone with sufficient access to do it for you. If you ARE the channel owner then type "/msg chanserv add <channel> <user@host> <password>". If that doesn't solve the problem then ask for help in #continuum.

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I unbanned someone but ChanServ keeps banning him. Why?

This is because ChanServ did not reload the cache for your channel. For those of you who do not know what a cache is, it's not important. This is remedied by telling the person who was been unbanned to type:

/msg chanserv reset #channel

Where '#channel' is the name of your channel. If ChanServ still bans this person, make sure you unbanned the correct hostmask. You know what a hostmask is right? If not, then read this brief explanation of hosts and hostmasks. If you are sure you have the hostmask correct and this person is STILL getting banned, then you need to seek help in #continuum.

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Where can I get help on FEFNet?

FEFnet has many channels you can get help on and if you are patient most will be glad to answer your questions. For basic help on FEFnet related issues, try #continuum. For help with with mIRC, try joining #mIRC. Also, those new to IRC should try #beginner or #IRCaddicts. Most people in those channels will be glad to help you get the hang of this IRC thing. Just remember, don't be impatient. Many times people are busy and will answer your question as soon as they can. Also don't ask your question over and over again as this is likely to result in you being kicked from the channel.

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Where else can I get help?

The best place to get help about IRC is the help file that comes with your client. mIRC users as well as ircII and BitchX users can type /help for a list of what subjects are available for reading. You can also check out the IRC Intro at http://www.mirc.co.uk/ircintro.html for an overview on what IRC is and how you can make your way through it. mIRC users should also read the mIRC FAQ at http://www.mirc.co.uk/faq.html. Also a good place to get help with IRC is http://www.irchelp.org.

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